Aman Dhaliwal bulks up for mythology show

Mumbai, Aug 19 (IANS) Actor Aman Dhaliwal, who is the latest addition to the cast of "Vighnaharta Ganesh", will flaunt a bulked-up, muscular look for his role of Bhandasur.

The "Porus" actor is on a strict diet and exercise regime for his role in the mythology show.

"I don't have much problem when it comes to controlling my diet. I am not a very food-loving person. I am happy with whatever diet I am required to follow," Aman said.

"For creating the huge built to get into the character, I am following a strict gym schedule. It is difficult to look good on screen, but it is much more difficult to look wicked. I am preparing for that wickedness," he added.



Source : ians

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