Ambica Steels Limited Distributes Food to the Needy People Amidst National Lockdown

GHAZIABAD, India, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ambica Steels Limited, an Indian Steel manufacturer, distributed food to needy people amidst lockdown. During a lockdown, many people are not able to get food. Due to the loss of livelihood of people engaged in various jobs, these people are suffering from starvation and are not able to feed their families. To feed their belly, such people have relied upon the mercy of the Government and some voluntary organizations. Ambica Steels Limited has at this time of need, fed needy people by distributing food to them.

The company is Stainless Steel manufacturer, supplier and exporter, which is headquartered in New Delhi. The company was established in 1970 and is one of the most reliable steel manufacturing companies. The material of Ambica is exported to 56 countries all over the world. The company is also famous for producing special grades of stainless steel. Recently, the company has also launched some post lockdown guidelines for its employees by keeping in mind the issues related to hygiene, social distancing and to spread awareness. The company has also released an action framework for its employees in different conditions like while commuting to work, canteen guidelines etc.

Ambica Steels Limited has provided a good example of Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is a company's commitment to manage the economic, environmental and social effects of its operations in a responsible manner and in accordance with expectations of the public. It contributes to voluntary ethical, philanthropist and charitable goals of private business as in the case of Ambica Steels Limited.

The distribution of food to the needy is a big step towards the needy and poor. Reportedly, there were a very large number of cases of emigration of migration labours from corners of New Delhi to their home states. These labours form the backbone of urban life and the main cause of their emigration was the fear of dying of starvation. There are many other sections of societies who do not even have the option of migrating to their home towns. Such sections of society require the support of society. Ambica Steels Limited has set the right example for other firms and even individuals by helping needy in the time of need.

About Ambica Steels Limited

Ambica is a fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer headquartered in New Delhi, India and was established in the year 1970. Ambica produces some special grades in stainless steel industry.

Ambica's standard grades of production includes Austenitics (303, 304/L, 316/L, 321, 316Ti etc), Martensitics & Ferritics (410,416,420A/B/C,430/F,431 etc). Also, Ambica specializes in grades like Duplex steels (F51 /2205 / 1.4462) and Precipitation Hardened (17-4PH, 1.4542, 15/5PH also as per AMS specifications for the Aerospace Industry). Ambica is presently exporting these materials to around 56 countries worldwide. 

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