'Amid tension, minorities in Kashmir must be assured'

New Delhi, Aug 4 (IANS) In view of the prevailing tension in Kashmir, it is important to assure the minority communities living in the valley, said Secretary General of Kalhana Society Satish Mahaldar.

"The minorities fear that certain vested interests and evil designed efforts may be targeted against them. Hence, the request is to the government but more to the common people, as well as the religious and political leaders to send messages of assurance to the minorities in order to allay their fears," a statement released by Mahaldar said.

"The government of Jammu and Kashmir is taking specific measures in the valley to secure the place but the security of the minorities still is a matter of concern," the statement added.

"This is to request the local majority people in the valley to reassure the minority community members living in the valley. The locals have, indeed, shown a big heart for the Amarnath Yatris and the Tourists offering help and shelter.

"It goes without saying that Kashmiris excel in personal hospitality and serving. There is, no doubt that they will ensure the safety concerns of the minorities living there." Mahaldar added.

"Many of the minority community members are living either in government created camps or in individual houses. It is important for the leaders of the majority community, be they religious or political, to assure them in this moment of fear and uncertainty," he said.



Source : ians

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