As soon as the IPL was over, politics started on the home ground of this team!

Despite a successful host of IPL matches in Gulabi Nagar, in the Rajasthan Cricket Association, everything is not right these days. While over half a dozen CP Joshi supporters are displeased in the district associations due to the ignorance during the IPL, the anti-Khemma is also in the process of chalking out the eligibility of Joshi as president.

The reason for the resignation of CP Joshi supporters was to ignore the district cricket associations during the IPL matches. For organizing matches, committees were formed on behalf of Joshi but they neither received any rights or opportunity to work. The entire work of IPL planning was seen in the hands of others from cricket. So far as the Secretary of a District Union is concerned, we have yet to know what works were done during the IPL, who were given tender and how much money was spent.

District consortium was also upset with the distribution of complimentary passes. Distribution of passes was also in the hands of CP Joshi's personal staff. District associations say that the nearby people have got very close, whereas the other district associations have failed to show their matches to their families. Not only this, in the women's IPL matches after the IPL, the unions of the district associations came out openly. District associations were not informed that who is organizing matches. The result was that district associations kept undisclosed boycott of these matches. No district secretary came to see the match.

Against the eligibility of CP Joshi in the post of the president, the opposition camp is now ready to fight the R-cross. The leader of the opposition camp is in the hands of the governor of the Pali District Cricket Association and the Congress leader, Aishwarya Singh, son of Chandresh Kumari of Jodhpur. Aishwarya claims that at least 19 district cricket associations have their support, while the CP supporter is in touch with more than half a dozen district associations. The opposition camp says that after becoming the CP Joshi Assembly Speaker, RCA has lost the eligibility of being the post of the President and he should step down. If Joshi does not leave the post, he will go to the court's shelter and soon a general meeting will be convened and any decision will be taken.

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