Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari wraps up 'Panga' chapter

Mumbai, July 14 (IANS) Filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has wrapped up the shooting of her film "Panga", and has thanked actress Kangana Ranaut for bringing out the best in her.

The director shared the update on the film on Instagram through photographs of the team and long heart-felt posts.

"It has been a long journey. A nostalgic, memorable one of bringing a character alive for a dream. A story I wanted to say to the world. There were moments of oneness. Of emotional breakdown and laughter of a different kind," Tiwari wrote alongside an image of herself and Kangana.

"The ones between people who trust and are transparent with each other. Of being non-judgmental and going with a flow of understanding that we are working towards an inner desire to make good cinema. Thank you ‘K' for bringing out the best of you.

"For shining through all odds and even. For being a foodie, chatterbox friend. It's a wrap for Kangana and I am going to miss watching her on set lighting up every scene. The story of love and oneness will continue," she wrote in the post, shared on Saturday.

The film will be presented by Fox Star Hindi. It is being described by the makers as a story that reaffirms that a family who laughs, cries, dreams together and if they are by your side, nothing seems to be impossible to a willing heart.

Tiwari also thanked the entire team for joining her in the journey of bringing the world of "Panga" alive.

She posted: "Filmmaking is not an easy process. It is not about instant gratification. It is definitely about being patient outward and inward at various milestones. It is like a long bridge where every nut and bolt is holding for the journey to keep moving.

"When one breaks down the others can hardly manage. And it cannot be left unfinished. For the past 1.5 years, 'Panga' has been a journey of triumphs and adversity. Of moments of breakdown. Of trust and friendship. Of realisations that not everyone has the same intensity of emotions and the ones who do make it their own and walk till the end no matter what. It has been of unknown divine interventions that all of us have the ability to move if we have faith and transparency between us.

"There are no greys. Thank you for being there for me. A 'Panga' family that laughed and cried together and made everyday worthwhile."

The film also stars Richa Chadha, Jassie Gill, Neena Gupta. It is slated to release on January 24, 2020.



Source : ians

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