AskGamblers: A successful brand with a unique casino complaints service

This story starts in a casino bar. Even though he had never really gambled before, the founder of AskGamblers decided that he wanted to build a casino-related business and created what would eventually become the best online gambling review platform around.

The founder had talent, ambition and a handful of friends who were willing to help him start his business, but he also had little to no funds to start the business, no plan to reach his target audience and a language barrier. Luckily, this story shows that hard work pays off.

AskGamblers began as an online platform that gave readers information and reviews about world casinos and games like bingo, poker, backgammon and lottery. Unfortunately, with all of the content on the website, AskGamblers became very difficult to update regularly, as the platform had a staff of just a few employees. Ultimately, the founder decided to cut out about 80 per cent of the existing web content and shifted its focus to becoming a casino review portal.

AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service

In order to stand out from the crowd, the founder of AskGamblers decided to focus on making the online casino platform a reputable and trustworthy one. Together with his team, he built a free automated casino complaints system called AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service, (AGCCS), which would help players resolve any issues they might face while playing at online casinos. Today, this service is one of the most credible and dependable services in online gambling and has a huge effect on everyday player satisfaction.

When do players submit online gambling complaints? If a player has already spoken to the casino itself and still has an issue, they go to the AGCCS and file a complaint. The AGCCS then acts as a middle man between the player and casino in order to resolve the issue on both sides.

But how exactly can you submit a complaint to the AGCCS? You simply go to the “Submit a Complaint” section on the website and choose your reason for submitting the complaint. Reasons typically range from payment issues to account handling issues. The AGCCS does their best to resolve the problem, no matter what it entails.

That said, players must read all of the complaint guidelines before formally submitting a complaint in order to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions and keep their complaint from being rejected. Users can choose to upload any supporting information or evidence for their issue during submission.

After you submit the complaint, a team of skilled AGCCS experts will process it and make it visible on the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service page and work as quickly as possible to resolve your issue.

Why is AskGamblers the Best Online Casino Platform?

AskGamblers has long been considered the most trustworthy and reputable online gambling platform out there. Over the past 15 years, AskGamblers has built a reputation for offering the following benefits:

Hundreds of unbiased casino reviews

AskGamblers has one of the biggest directories of online casino reviews across the globe. The website boasts over 1,400 unbiased casino reviews. The online gambling platform’s CasinoRank system sorts every single online gambling review site listed on the website. The CasinoRank system locates the best online casinos out there using a specific set of criteria and recommends which online casinos are the best and most reputable.

Thousands of transparent online slot reviews

AskGamblers has built a reputation for being transparent with all of its reviews, especially online slot reviews. The online gambling platform boasts the largest selection of free online slots on the internet and includes over 6,800 transparent online slot reviews. Online slots are one of the most popular forms of online casino entertainment, and AskGamblers features reviews for three kinds of slots – classic slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slots. The three types of slots differ in the number of reels and paylines, the number of free slots and software provider as well as the interface.

Real players’ opinions and ratings

Many online casino platforms pay players for reviews, but AskGamblers prides itself on being trustworthy and encourages honest casino game reviews from real players. AskGamblers’ five pillars are independence, quality, trust, fair play and transparency. Getting real opinions and ratings or real players are representative of its five core values.

If you’re looking for the best online casinos in India, check out the reviews of the top casinos by expert gamblers at AskGamblers.

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