AskSid's Virtual Advisor successfully launches multi-country 'Dulux Promise' campaign for AkzoNobel

- Conceptualized as a campaign that allowed AkzoNobel to showcase its world-class product quality and focus on customer satisfaction, this digital campaign hinged heavily on the effectiveness of the virtual advisor managing the backend of the campaign - AskSid.

BANGALORE, India, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- AkzoNobel, the world's leading manufacturer of paints & coatings partnered with AskSid AI to join hands in launching an international digital customer loyalty campaign - 'Dulux Promise'. AskSid AI is also currently the virtual advisor of choice on AkzoNobel's online shopping website across 20+ countries and supporting 15+ international languages.

The Dulux Promise campaign was launched as a symbol of AkzoNobel's commitment to great quality products and a brand that has an agile and proactive approach to resolving customer issues.

AskSid's virtual advisor provided omnichannel support for the Dulux Promise campaign, seamlessly supporting customers across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, and the AkzoNobel website. Campaign focus areas handled by AskSid AI included everything from request registrations, claim validation, issuance of e-vouchers, tracking, and notification of claim statuses, among others.

The backend support system designed by AskSid AI was created for stress-free adaptability across geographies including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Pakistan, with plans to go live in Singapore and Sri Lanka shortly.

Navninder Singh, Digital & Ecommerce Head-SE Asia, AkzoNobel said, "Through AskSid, we were able to see data and insights which we would have never seen otherwise. We have always assumed consumers are less involved in our category, however, we now realize that they are involved once they get into the purchase journey and explore all avenues to get information." 

85% of the Dulux Promise campaign's engagement was exclusively handled by AskSid's virtual advisor, while the intelligent support offered by the AI increased the engagement time to 4+ minutes, which is significantly more than what the average shopper spends on any website. AkzoNobel was also successful in reaching its customers across borders seamlessly and consistently, with little to no dependency on their customer support team.

From campaign management to customer journey mapping and engagement, AskSid's virtual advisor helped deliver a successful digital campaign for AkzoNobel.

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