Bajaj working with KTM to Develop Premium Electric Bike

The Bajaj-KTM, both the companies are planning to enter the second phase of their more than a decade old partnership by introducing electric vehicles in the country. In a recent interview, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto, Rakesh Sharma, said that both companies are currently developing electric two-wheelers and that we could also expect a high-end e-motorcycle to come out of this partnership in the near future.

Under its new PTW (Powered two-wheeler) project, Bajaj and KTM will co-develop a new 48-volt electric platform which will be used for electric scooters, mopeds and other vehicles. This new platform will have power outputs ranging from 3Kw (4PS) to 10Kw (13PS). Till now, images of KTM’s e-scooter and a prototype of an electric 390 Duke have surfaced online, suggesting that the Austrian manufacturer has been testing electric motorcycles for a while now.

As of now, Bajaj is working on its own electric scooter which will be sold under the company’s Urbanite brand. The scooter has been spotted quite a few times over the past few months, hinting that it might be at the final stage of testing.

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