Be Careful: Dengue virus will repeat in 2018 after 3 years in a most terrible form
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Be Careful: Dengue virus will repeat in 2018 after 3 years in a most terrible form


Dengue virus shocked the entire country in 2015 including capital with it’s terrible form .According to the estimation of cycle such virus have been died now. But now scientists have a strong feeling that after completing the entire cycle dengue will be back in a dangerous form .According to agency of Health Department NVBDCP,the condition of health services have blown up in this regard.

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This is the reason that all the health-related agencies of Delhi Government have started an extensive action plan to limit the impact of dengue. In recent years, Dengue had made its most dangerous form in the year 2015 . In Delhi 15,867 people got affected by dengue. In the year 2016, 4,373 people and in 2017 ,4,726 people were came in the grip dengue.

What is the danger

The National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP) has issued a warning to the Delhi Government and Delhi Municipal Corporation about this. MCD (North) insectologist Babita Bist told to news that this year dengue can be more dangerous than 2015.

The reason is that virus of dengue repeats after every 3 years. Accordingly, the virus that has been invasive three years ago, can return in a most dangerous form, so that the action plan to deal with it is being speedily working.

An official associated with Delhi Health Service said that only 33 civic government hospitals of Delhi government share information related to dengue. Apart from NCDC and AIIMS, some private hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital share the information related to dengue.

While a large number of Delhi's people are treated with private hospitals whose data is not available to the government. The number of patients in 2015 of dengue can be very less than the reality. This year, the number of dengue patients can be estimated this year.

What are the measures

All the agencies including the Delhi Government Health Department, Delhi's three MCD, NDMC and Delhi Jal Board have started working on the action plan to deal with dengue. Medicine will sprayed at all the house including offices and under construction sites.

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According to the South Municipal Corporation's MHO BS Hazarika awareness campaign is being run in all the areas through school children. Apart from this, people are being alerted to dengue-chikunguniya by doing proclamation in the areas. Mosquitoes will be destroyed by spraying medicines in every area.

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