Beautiful conspiracy of blackmail, a group of 5 girls implicate the interested people in this way

A sensational case of blackmailing has come out from Madhya Pradesh. Here a group of five girls implicated some ministers sitting in power, some opposition leaders, officers, contractors and engineers in the trap of their beauty first. Then these five beauties made videos and took pictures with intelligence cameras, intimate with more than 20 white-skinned people. Special Investigative Team i.e. SIT has been formed to investigate this blackmailing case. As the investigation of this biggest blackmailing scandal of MP is progressing, major revelations are being made one by one. Such secrets are opening up, which has stunned the police and the ATS. These beauties have trapped many leaders of the ruling party and the opposition, businessmen, contractors, and many government officials in the trap of their beauty. These five blackmailers Hasina made 90 videos while interacting with these 20 influential leaders. Out of these 90 videos, 30 videos are only from leaders-ministers and IAS-IPS officers. These 20 leaders-ministers and officers were also charged a big price in exchange for the video. These beauties have recovered about 15 crores till now. This trickery of these girls was going on for many years. Till now, the minister leaders and officers who were falling prey to their blackmailing remain silent. But the matter came to light when an engineer of Indore Municipal Corporation was asked for an amount of three crores from him after he was caught in his trap. The engineer complained about the police. After that, the police made a plan and first called the blackmailer woman to Indore and after arresting her, three more accused girls were arrested one by one. The police are questioning this matter as organized crime in a very secretive manner.

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