Bigg Boss 13: romance started in Bigg Boss house, See who behind whom

The season of Bigg Boss 13 is in the news since its inception. From the very first day, there was a fierce battle in the Bigg Boss house. If you compare it with the rest of the season of Bigg Boss, it was seen that after many episodes of Bigg Boss, a fight or romance used to have started in the house, but this season is different. Just say that only 2-3 days later there was a fight at home, but romance also started.

And that is also such that 2 contestants have been engaged behind an actress. In fact, on Wednesday, the entire day in the Big Boss house went through a difficult task, the evening atmosphere in the Big Boss house became somewhat romantic and this atmosphere created by Shehnaaz, Paras And Siddharth Dey.

after completing daily tasks, Shehnaaz, Paras and Siddharth Dey were talking to each other at night, when Paras and Siddharth asked for a kiss from Shehnaaz. Siddharth asked Shehnaaz to kiss on the cheek and Paras's forehead. At first, Shehnaaz avoids the talk of Siddharth and Paras In jest, but later when both of them follow them. Shehnaaz tells Paras that If they will get a kiss from any three girls of the house, then she is ready to kiss them.

On this, Paras said that if he kissed three girls, then Shahnaz will have to do them on her lip. Shehnaz, at first, agrees to Paras but later says she will kiss on his chest. Now it will be very interesting to see that Which three girls will Paras kiss or a new love triangle will start in the house? All this will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss.

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