Bollywood Diva - a slot based on Sunny Leone is available at JeetWin

It is clear that online gambling is going to become really big in India in the near future. Bollywood Diva, a slot on JeetWin that is based on Bollywood actress and model Sunny Leone, serves as a clear indication of the trend of international casinos creating games specifically for the Indian market.

Additionally, Sunny Leone also serves as the brand ambassador for JeetWin. The ambassadorship serves as another massive step towards the future of regulated India-specific online casinos.

Bollywood Diva - An Unique Slot with Sunny Leone

Bollywood Diva is an exclusive slot available on JeetWin only. The slot was developed by JDB and is one of the first major casino slots to be created based on a Bollywood star.

When it comes to the theme and graphics of the slot, the slot is based on the theme of Bollywood and cinema. The reels of the slot spin on the center of the stage in a theatre. The music of the slot is based on Jazz and offers a classy but energetic atmosphere.

The slot contains regular symbols such as 3 different BAR symbols, a vinyl symbol, a saxophone symbol, a microphone symbol, a golden star symbol with Sunny in it, and the wild symbol that’s based on Sunny Leone.

In terms of technicals, the slot is a 3x3 slot with 5 different pay-lines. The bet size can range from ₹0.5 to ₹250. While the RTP is not published by the game provider, it is estimated to be around 96% which is standard.

The slot is pretty easy to understand and play and for casino lovers, it might be a bit too basic. However, the fact that there are casino games created for a dedicated Indian audience is much more interesting than the slot itself.

JeetWin for India?

JeetWin is considered to be one of the best online casinos in India currently. By making moves such as creating Bollywood Diva or appointing Sunny Leone as their brand ambassador, they are definitely trying to consolidate their share of the market and become the top Indian casino in the future.

However, things are definitely not going to be easy for JeetWin as there are a number of other online casinos that are also looking to capture the lucrative emerging market of India such as LeoVegas, Casumo, Dafabet, and more!

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