Celebs are spending lockdown period like this!

As the nation continues to be in lockdown, here’s how your favourite celebs are spending their time in this period-

Rahul Roy- I am spending most of the time reading the movie scripts and closing on them. Also, in the evening I am doing live sessions and trying to get connected with all my fans.

Ruma Sharma- Truly, I was not a good cook but in this lockdown, I am trying to cook. Also, I am investing this time watching Ramayana, Mahabharat and other shows.

Romeer Sen- I am investing my time in learning new cuisine, going into a meditative state for a few hours to take myself reach to a higher self alone. With that, I am also writing blogs of all my travel journeys so that others can create a new bucket list for travel once life is back to normal.

Priyanka Roy- In this time, I am doing more music and voice practice. Along with that, I also kept myself busy writing short film story scripts.

Kanwalpreet Singh- I have become more responsible, have gone more close to my parents and I realised the actual value of time that it never stops for anybody. Also in the meantime, I am trying to cook and found that I am actually a great cook.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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