Chaar Din by Kaadar & SShiv is the new age Desi Anthem

With so much fickleness in the world right now, music is one of the only things keeping us drifting.
Kaadar and SShiv have made sure that we have something to wait for, and hence they dropped 'Chaar Din' in collaboration with Street Music Studios. It's a collaborative effort off the EP 'Shakti' by Kaadar, that dropped this year and received a lot of love from the fans and even got its share of fame with radio play.

Chaar Din is a retro Bollywood styled melody fused with Hip Hop. Kaadar is known for his unique sounds and experimental styles. His hooks are in demand in the Indian Hip Hop market space and he looks like one of the most promising artists to look up to, possibly India's answer to Travis Scott.

The beat is produced by SShiv aka Shivansh Chauhan. He's known for his crazy sounds and consistency. A multi genre producer and vocalist, he has been the instrument to the success behind a lot of underground talents. The video is shot by Mahan and Kaadar.

The project is powered by Street Music Studios, a talent based start up by entrepreneur Vikas Sharma.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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