Check the right way of offering prayers to Lord Bajrang Bali
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Check the right way of offering prayers to Lord Bajrang Bali


In astrology, Saturday is believed to be a day of Lord Shani Maharaj and Hanuman Ji. In Hindu scriptures, several mantras and prayers related to Lord Hanuman Ji have been written. Hanumanji holds great significance in everyone’s life. If you want to get blessings of Lord Hanuman then offer prayers to him every Tuesday and Saturday. Apart from it, take these worship related measures every Tuesday and Saturday, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

1. After taking bath on Saturday and Tuesday morning, wear clean clothes. Now, read Bajrang Baan lesson in temple or house.

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2. Before starting lesson, take stool and place red colored cloth. Now, keep Lord Hanuman Statue or photo on top of it.

3. Make Panchmukhi lamp with the help of flour. Make sure that it burns till the end of worship.

4. It would be better to use cow's pure ghee or jasmine oil for lamp.

5. Medidate Lord Shriram and start reading Bajrang Baan lesson. In this way, read Bajrang Baan 11, 21 or 31 times.

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6. Lit Lamp and Offer Bhog to God Hanuman Ji. Offer gram, jaggery, sweet curd, red pomegranate or seasonal fruits to Bajrang Bali.

By taking these measures, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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