Dale Steyn, the Fast Bowler, Retires from Test Cricket

Dale Steyn, the South African cricket player has retired on Monday from test cricket. This puts an end to the red ball career of the one who has been one of the fiercest fast bowlers of the world. As a matter of fact, he has also been the best in the game. However, his latter year had been curtailed because of a chronic injury in his shoulder.

What Does Steyn Have to Say?

Steyn says that he is giving up his 5-day cricket for prolonging his career and he is going to continue with one-day internationals.

He stated that as he is walking away from the game format that he loves so much. Steyn continues with his statement by saying that according to him, test cricket is the game’s best version. The format tests you physically, mentally, and also emotionally. For him, it is very difficult to fathom that he is not going to play a test match again and the thought itself is quite terrifying for him.

He says that he is going to focus on the one-day internationals and also the T20s for the remaining part of his career for maximizing his full potential and make sure that he plays the sport for a long time.

Steyn has a contract with the team of South Africa to play one more season. He has been the leading wicket-taker of South Africa and holds the 8th position in the world. Steyn has the record of taking 439 wickets in about 93 matches. There are just 4 fast bowlers who are known to have taken more wickets, Stuart Broad, Glenn McGrath, James Anderson, and Courtney Walsh.

Injury of Steyn

Steyn had suffered an injury in the right shoulder, the arm that he used for bowling. This was in a test match against Australia in the year 2016. He refrained from playing for over a year. Again in the year 2018, he hurt his foot. This was his comeback year and had been sidelined again for 6 months. He never could recapture the best form that he had. However, he did show some glimpses of the bowler who had been ranked as the best one in the world.

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With his shoulder injury, everyone feared that he never going to play again. However, he came back to break the record wicket-taker in South Africa against Pakistan on last year, December. He overtook Shaun Pollock, the most successful bowler in a test match in his country.

He had started playing cricket for his country in the year 2004 and the test had been at home in February against Sri Lanka. Steyn came from Phalaborwa, a small mining town, situated in the remote part of South Africa. He turned out to be the most famous product from his town. Steyn was a fearsomely fast bowler. His statistics had supported his reputation and he is known to have the best strike rate when it comes to testing cricket amongst the bowlers who have taken over 200 wickets.

He says that he would like to thank everyone and states that all have been a part of his journey.

What does Sachin Tendulkar has to Say?

While talking to the reporters, Sachin Tendulkar recalls what it was like to face Steyn. He says that Steyn is one of the top bowlers that he has played in his 24 years of career. Sachin says he managed to consistently out-swing and developed that angle.

According to Sachin Tendulkar, the only bowler who had been quite like him was James Anderson. The wrist positions had been similar and Steyn had more of whippy action. Thus, he was able to go through the crease at a faster pace. The swing which he got in that pace had been stunning. He also says that when Steyn was at the peak of his career, his bowling speed had been 150 kmph. Hence, it had not been that easy to handle. This is what he mastered. If he wanted to be quick, he could easily do so.

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