DELHI: Compensation of 10 lakh rupees to the mother of child who died
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DELHI: Compensation of 10 lakh rupees to the mother of child who died


Delhi High Court has ordered the Delhi Government to pay a compensation of Rs.10 lakh to the mother of 11 years old who falls into an open manhole on the road in Millennium Park in South Delhi and died.

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The High Court has directed the Registrar of the Court to ensure that the mother of the deceased is given compensation by the government within four weeks.

The case is of December 21, 2015 when students of Lalita Park Senior Secondary School went to Millennium Park to enjoy picnic. A student of class six had fallen into the open manhole outside Lavash Park, and he died on the spot.

The High Court gave an order to inspect such open manhole on the roads in the respective agencies capital, including the state government. The court also said that ban on the arrival of ordinary people at all such places where the accident is prone to occur.

The court ordered the government to place a sign board for the information of the common man at the place where the manhole was so that such incidents do not occur again in the future. The High Court also said that if such incidents occur in the days to come, action will be taken against the responsible officers of the concerned department.

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Taking cognizance of the media report on the incident in November 2015, the Delhi High Court had started hearing the case. The manhole, especially open in Delhi, increase the accidents in the rainy season, so the court has specifically instructed that the area in which the incident will happen, the officer of the department will be immediately reacted to these incidents now.

Often in these accidents, many children have lost their lives in the last few years. Court wants these incidents never occur again. Initiative to compensate the child lost to Millennium Park in 4 weeks is also a result of helping the victim's family and trying to make the agencies vulnerable.

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