Delhi Police reunite games-obsessed runaway AP girl with family

By Rohan Agarwal

New Delhi, July 22 (IANS) Obsessed with video games, an 18-year-old girl ran away from her home in Andhra Pradesh when her mother pulled her up for wasting too much time on the mobile.

She boarded a train at her home town Nandigama in the Krishna district and arrived in the national capital. Clueless and without money, the girl was spotted by a police patrol near New Delhi railway station.

"It took some time and effort on the part of the police to calm her down as she was scared. On realising that she was in a safe place, she narrated her story," an officer at the Kamla Market police station told IANS.

She told the police her mother would often rebuke her for spending too much time on mobile. On July 17, when her mother scolded her again, she decided to leave the home and boarded a train.

But she forgot to take any money and even left her mobile phone at home.

She was not aware where the train was headed and changed it at an unknown station. Luckily, she boarded a train to Delhi where the police found her.

When the cops spotted her she was seemingly stressed and was trying to know which city she had landed in. "She would have been lost as she was planning to board another train," said a police officer.

The investigating officer informed an Andhra Pradesh police station, which connected him with the girl's family.

"The girl's father is a cashier in a bank and mother a teacher. We had called them on Thursday. They reached Delhi on Friday and took the daughter home," the officer said.

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Source : ians

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