Don't collect money in party's name, Mamata to TMC leaders

Gurap (West Bengal), Aug 27 (IANS) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday urged her party workers not to collect money from people in the name of the party and said nobody needs to pay the state government officials or police for doing their duty.

Accusing a section of Trinamool Congress leaders from the districts of taking cash from people, Banerjee said her party does not rely on people's money.

"We have got information that some people collect money in the name of the party. They say they will have to send money to the Kolkata (Trinamool Congress headquarters) during the time of elections. But the truth is that the party does not take money from anybody," Banerjee said during her government's administrative meeting in Hoogly district's Gurap.

"No one should collect money from the districts in the name of the party. I am clearly saying that my party does not need the money. Also, there is no need for the common people to pay any government officials or police for doing the government's job," she said.

Without naming anybody, the Trinamool Congress supremo said her message was directed towards the "selected few", who regularly indulge in the malpractice of collecting money and stated that the party leadership does not approve of such practices.

"There is no need to send money to anybody in Kolkata or Delhi to work for people's welfare. It is the duty of the government. No one in my party is asked to collect money from the people and give it to the party fund or to the government," she added.

Shortly after the Lok Sabha election results, Banerjee had stirred up the hornet's nest by urging her party leaders not to take cut money (commission) from people in return for providing them benefits of the state government's welfare schemes.

Following her comments, a series of 'cut money' protests were held against Trinamool leaders and people's representatives across the state.



Source : ians

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