Elenium Automation launches VYGR, a $200m Covid recovery program to support aviation industry

- Airports and Airlines can 'implement now, pay later' for latest automation technology

CHENNAI, India and MELBOURNE, Australia , July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Elenium Automation, a global leader in providing passenger processing and security technology solutions for airports and airlines globally has launched a new $200 million program to help airports and airlines upgrade their technology to make travel seamless, touchless, and ready for a post-Covid recovery.

The new program named 'VYGR' (short for Voyager) will allow airports and airlines to access the latest self-service technology that moves passengers faster and safer, without capital investment.

The aviation industry has a unique opportunity to modernise their infrastructure and make the passenger experience seamless and safe, bringing back confidence to the travelling public impacted by the global pandemic. The purpose of the $200 million program is to eliminate the financial risk of deploying such technology during an uncertain time with a consumption-based model, paying only on a per use basis.  

Elenium products and solutions make the airport experience effortless. Using biometrics, telepresence and touchless technologies, Elenium enables the passenger to walk into the terminal, drop off their bag, and continue to the lounge or boarding gate without having to touch a boarding pass, bag tag or screen.

The benefits of automating the passenger journey are substantial. An airport can halve the space used for check-in, allocating more space for valuable retail. Travellers spend less times in queues and operational costs can be lowered.

Justin Giddings, CEO of Avalon Airport said:  "It's [Voyager] all about reducing congestion in that check-in area. It has really freed up a lot of space. It's probably doubled our capacity in the check-in area just by installing these products."

The VYGR consumption model has been designed to protect and accelerate the aviation industry. Not only does it remove financial risk during a tumultuous period, it gives money back if the cost of the technology is recovered earlier. This means airports and airlines have both downside and upside protection.  Airports and airlines will have more flexibility to deploy its constrained capital on other investments.  

Aaron Hornlimann, CEO of Elenium said, "The aviation industry can use VYGR to implement new technologies without worrying about the upfront cost and managing the risk of operational disruptions from pandemics to bad weather. They only pay for it when they use it."

"We need to upgrade our airports now so the industry recovery can be supported with efficient, touchless and confidence-building automation. VYGR removes a hurdle by dealing with capital constraints," he added

Elenium's VYGR range of products for the aviation industry are not just for major cities. The end-to-end airport passenger processing suite can be used by regional airports without the complex IT systems that usually limit the use of automation. Elenium's products can be found in airports of all sizes from Queenstown in New Zealand, Bangalore in India, Avalon in Australia to Hong Kong International Airport and Abu Dhabi.

For more information, please visit www.elenium.com

About Elenium Automation

Elenium Automation is a global leader in providing self-service and automated safety and security technology solutions for airports and airlines globally. They also provide such technology to other industries, including logistics, defence, and the medical and aged care sectors.

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