Every smartphone should have  these 8 apps, to make your life easy!

Every smartphone should have these 8 apps, check out the list

Smartphone has become our first requirement, which we have been using in our everyday activities. Whether it is shopping or ordering food online, the smartphone plays an important role in everyone. If you are a smartphone user then you should know which apps are very important in your smartphone. Today you are going to tell about a similar application that is required on every smartphone.

1. Email

In most of the smartphones, however, the company offers its email service, such as the email app through iOS, while the Gmail app is available in Android. But apart from this, all smartphones must have an alternate email app that supports all email accounts.

2. Messaging

At present, there is a lot of apps that are used for messaging. But what is considered to be the most popular among those WhatsApp app. It is used for chatting as well as uploading or sending any photos or documents.

3. Cab-Hiring

If you are going out somewhere then you have a cap-hiring app. Through which you can call the cab at any time of the day and night. At night, this app will definitely work for you. In India, the most popular apps are Ola and Uber nowadays.

4. Music streaming

If you are a music lover then your smartphone must have online music streaming app. In which you can use Spotify, Gana and Jio-Sawan app.

5. Food Delivery

Ordering online food is a common thing for which it is very important to have a food delivery app on your smartphone.

6. Social Media Most Internet users like to use social media. Including apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

7. Photo backup/sharing

Google Photos is the most popular app through which you can share your photos. Also, keep them backed up forever. Dropbox is also a better option for this.

8. Online Streaming App

Netflix is ​​the most popular online movie/series streaming app in the current time. Apart from this, many other apps provide you with online streaming.

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