Everything You Need To Know About CISM Certification

The CISM certification or the Certified Information Security Certification is one of the esteemed certifications Information certifications in the world. There are a total of 27,000 people across the globe who have earned the CISM certification. The CISM certification is globally recognized, and recently it got short-listed in the list of the world's handsomely paid credentials in the Certification Magazine. The CISM certification is in high demand in developed countries like U.K, Australia, and even in the U.S.

If you want to upscale your career as an Information Security Professional, then the CISM certification can be the best option for you. The CISM certification will help you in expanding your career by validating all your prior work experience as an Information Security Professional in any organization. A CISM certification comes along with numerous career benefits. And, it is a highly eligible career booster from every aspect. In this article, we will dive deep into the discussion about the CISM certification.

The Requirements

Every professional certification comes with a list of requirements. In general, a person achieves any professional-level certification to validate his abilities regarding his field of profession.

These professional certifications follow the global standards to verify a person's work experience in any sector of work, so, to follow the world-class standards, these certifications ask for some prerequisites like years of experience in any field of work, educational background, the region of work, etc.

These requirements help in organizing candidates according to the needs of the certification. For instance, there is a certification that is achievable by professionals with two years of experience. Such a requirement clarifies that people with experience less than two years cannot apply for that certification.

Similarly, the CISM certification demands some requirements, and those are:

  • A candidate should have five years of experience in Information Security. Out of five years, he must have two years of experience as an Information Security Manager.
  • If the candidate has CISA or CISSP certification, then they will have to show only three years of experience in the Information Security field.
  • It is possible to apply for the CISM certification, and one can pass also pass the CISM exam before gaining five years of work experience. But, they will get the CISM certification after meeting the requirements of five years of work experience.

The Cost

The cost of the CISM certification depends on one-factor .i.e. whether a candidate is an ISACA member or not. In general, the CISM application fee is $50. Furthermore, one may have to pay between $625 and $750 for the later procedure. By becoming an ISACA member, one can expect better discounts on fees, and they will get other services regarding the CISM exam like study materials, online classes, and assistance for the CISM exam. However, candidates who want to make changes after the registration will have to pay $50. And, the one who demands a refund will have to pay $100 to get a refund.

The Course

The course for the CISM certification exam is vast, and to complete the whole CISM course, one has to stick to a decent pace. No one can stick to self-pace, so candidates should join online classes, webinars and they can even opt for universities if possible.

The Training

Many training programs for ISACA are available online and offline. The candidates can join these training programs to furnish their practical proficiency to do well in the CISM examination.

Going through the practice questions

After all the training and other sessions are over, then the candidates can move forward to solve practice papers to review their knowledge regarding the CISM exam.

The Benefits of CISM Certification

Getting a CISM certification itself is an achievement. Besides, there are other remarkable benefits of earning the CISM certification.

  • The CISM certification shows an organization that you have the required advanced skills of Information Security.
  • It shows your devotion to the profession of Information Security management.
  • It gifts you with universal recognition that helps to expand the job scope.
  • It enables you to access resources of great value in any organization.
  • You can expect a higher salary by gaining the CISM certification.


The CISM certification is virtuous from every possible aspect of Information Security. There is no other certification that can beat the excellence of this certification by any means.

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