Exclusive! An actor should have expertise about all sides of filmmaking : Jaey Gajera

Actor Jaey Gajera is a well-known face in the film fraternity. The actor has many hit music videos like 'Zariya' and 'Zindagi' to his credit. 

Recently, in an exclusive chat with Pahli Kiran, Jaey revealed what he has been doing in his self-quarantine days. Jaey who was last seen in 'Zindagi', has been working out daily and improving his acting skills in this lockdown.

Talking about acting, the actor said, “Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” He further added, "I have never been to any formal training but I believe that a well practiced actor always stands out. Currently, I have been reading books on Direction, Screenplay Writing as well as books on Acting. An actor should have overall knowledge about all aspects of filmmaking. So, I am trying to make the most of the lockdown time."

On the work front, Jaey has a few upcoming projects lined up like Pal Do Pal in which he will be sharing the screen with Australian Actress. 


Source : NewsOnFloor

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