Ex-Tesla Engineer to Launch Electric Sports Bike in India

Srivaru Motors which is Coimbatore-based has revealed plans to launch a performance electric motorcycle this year, adding another feather to the emerging electric mobility industry in India. According to a story published in Autocar India, the start-up is floated by Mohanraj Ramaswamy, an engineer who had earlier worked in Elon Musk's Tesla. He returned to India following a 20-year stint in California and he now aims to launch his own Electric Vehicle business here.

Called the Prana, the upcoming electric motorcycle will be powered by a lithium ion battery of yet undisclosed capacity. The company claims that the electric motor has an output of 35Nm and a top speed of 100kmph. Srivaru Motors also says that the Prana will do 0-60kmph under four seconds. The bike will have 4 riding modes, including a reverse mode, and will be offered in three variants — Class, Grand and Elite. While the Elite will have a riding range as high as 250km, the Grand will come with a 126km range.

Currently, the company is aiming to produce upto 30,000 units annually in Coimbatore. However, the EV maker is planning to ramp up production to 2 lakh units within the first 18 months of launch. Before expanding its footprints across the country, the company is planning to open 25 outlets in the Southern part of the nation and Maharashtra. While there is no word as to how much it will cost, it is expected that the company will add an aggressive price tag, with the company expecting to increase localisation level soon.

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