FIFA 2018 : Croatia Will Face France In World Cup Final, These Will Be The Difficulties For Both The Teams
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FIFA 2018 : Croatia Will Face France In World Cup Final, These Will Be The Difficulties For Both The Teams


There will be a tough battle between Croatia and France for the 2018 FIFA World Cup title on Sunday. Russia's Ljungici stadium is ready for a final match after a month, which has the eyes of the whole world hinged on. After the participation of 32 teams, two teams France and Croatia - crossed all the limits and reached the finals. The vision of becoming a world champion in both of these eyes is a dream. Both teams will fight each other to make their dream come true.

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France Is Playing World Cup Final For The Third Time : France reached the final for the third time. France had played the final for the first time in his home World Cup played in 1998 and was successful in winning. After that, in 2006, he made the final place, but lost to Italy. France has the experience of playing the finals, but if Croatia are spoken of, they will play the final for the first time.

Croatia’s Amazing Performance : Croatia will reach here No one has thought of it, but the kind of game of Croatia has shown that they deserves to go to the final. The stubbornness of denial is Croatia's biggest strength, which he also showed in the second semi-final played against England. After being behind one goal, took away the match in extra time and took away the victory from England.

Croatia Will Have To Face France Defenders : The Croatia team has won three successive consecutive matches in extra time. This can be judged that this team does not give up till the last moment. This is a headache for France, but whether Croatia will be able to distinguish France's very strong challenge, especially its defense, it will be known only on the day of the match.

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Croatia’s Mid-fielders Will Stop France : This team of Luca Modricans certainly has the key to pushing France. Croatia is a balanced team whose strength is its midfield. Luca Modric is considered to be the best midfielder in the world. As captain, he has the responsibility of getting the first World Cup to their country. Croatia is not a team that plays on just one player's own. He has players like Ente Rebekic, Ivan Rakitik, Simie Warszlzko, Ivan Perikis.

Croatia's other strength is their goalkeeper Deniar Subashich. Who have played a great role in delivering a great defense throughout the World Cup to their team here. Even in the semi-final against England, they did not even score goals on easy occasions.

This Final Is Special For Didier Deschamps : When France won the World Cup for the first time, then its captain Didier Deschamps was the coach of the team at the moment. If this strategist is successful in getting the second World Cup to France, he will become the third person in the world to win the World Cup as player and coach. Before them, Brazilian Mario Weslow and Germany's Franz Beckenbauer won the World Cup as coach and player. There is complete hope for the final match to be exciting.

Teams :


Goalkeepers: Denizel Subascic, Lowro Colinic and Dominik Livakovic

Defender: Vedran Kalurka, Domagos Vida, Ivan Streinik, Dejan Lovren, Sime Vaslajko, Josip Pavarik, Tin Zedwaze, Duje Saleta Car

Midfielder: Luca Modric, Matteo Kovachik, Ivan Reckittik, Milan Badlodge, Maserlo Brasovic and Philip Bradrique

Forward: Mario Manjukic, Ivan Pericic, Nikola Kalinic, Andrzej Karamarkic, Marco Pija and Ente Rebecc


Goalkeeper: Loris, Steve Mandanda, Alfons Aroolas

Defender: Lucas Hernandez, Pascal Kimpeembay, Benjamin Mendy, Benjamin Pavard, Adil Rami, Jibril Sidiebe, Samuel Umaiti, Rafael Varan.

Midfielder: Angoolo Cante, Blaise Mataudi, Steven Engzie, Paul Pogba, Cortine Tolliso.

Forward: Ousman Dembele, Nabil Fakir, Olivier Zero, Antoine Greizman, Thomas Lemar, Kielian Embuppe, Florian Thowin.

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