FIFA 2018: Not Only Ronaldo And Messi, These Football Stars Also Failed To Create History
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FIFA 2018: Not Only Ronaldo And Messi, These Football Stars Also Failed To Create History


New Delhi. In the first round of the World Cup where the current champion Germany came out, with the start of the knockout phase, teams like Argentina, Portugal and Spain returned home. At the same time, the desire to win the World Cup of many big stars associated with these teams remained incomplete. Major nominees such as Leon Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have not been able to hold the World Cup trophy in their hands till date. Both of these players have played four World Cups but both of them failed to score in the last 16. Now, if these two players play four years later in the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, then 31-year-old Messi and 33-year-old Ronaldo will definitely try their luck. Here are some more football stars who failed to lift up the world cup trophy, see here.

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Johan Cruff (Netherlands) : Johann Cruff, of Holland wearing orange jersey, is considered to be the best footballer in Europe's history. He led his team in the World Cup played in West Germany in 1974, and because of his strategy of total football, he brought the Netherlands to the final, but in this historic match his team lost to Germany 1-2. Cruff won the title of Golden Ball thrice but he never won the World Cup.

Ferense Puscas (Hungary-Spain) : Puscas is known as an all time best forward player. He gave his team gold medal in the 1952 Olympic Games, and two years later, his team reached the Hungary Finals in the Football World Cup played in Switzerland in 1954. In this match, his team was a strong contender but he lost to West Germany here. In 1962, Puskas took the citizenship of Spain and also participated in the World Cup played in Chile this year, but here too, he can not win the World Cup.

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Alfredo de Stefano (Argentina-Spain) : FIFA included De Stefano in the top five footballers of the 20th century. This list included Pele, Maradona, Cruff and Bachenbor. Despite being the best footballer, D Stefano has never been able to play the World Cup. Earlier, he played for Argentina but in the meantime Argentina did not participate in the World Cup in the 1950s and 1954 World Cups. After this, D Stefano took the citizenship of Spain to leave Argentina but unfortunately did not leave him and Spain could not qualify for the 1958 World Cup.

Eusebio (Portugal) : Eusebio was born in Mozambique, at that time there was the rule of Portugal. Eusebio is considered to be the first great footballer of Portuguese football. In 1965, he was selected as the best player of Europe. A year later, Portugal's team reached the semi-finals with the help of Eusebio's best game in the World Cup held in England, but here England defeated them 1-2.

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