FIFA WC 2018: Adidas Reveals New ball to be used in Knockout Stage
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FIFA WC 2018: Adidas Reveals New ball to be used in Knockout Stage


The enthusiasm of the 21st FIFA World Cup held in Russia has reached the peak. Many legends teams have been out of the first round this season and many teams have reached the final 16.

You will now be able to see the new ball in the knock-out matches in the 21st season. Adidas Football has today revealed the Official Match Ball for the knockout stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Edidas Telstar Mechta Ball will now be used in the 21st season of the FIFA World Cup.

The red color design of the ball is inspired by the colours of the host nation

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Adidas Vice President told that the company has given a new look to Telstar Mechta. This new red and white color football is similar to the color of the host Russia.

The name Mechta translates as 'dream' or 'ambition' in Russian and is designed with the same design elements as the Telstar 18, the ball is used during the group stage.

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“The Telstar 18 was a huge step forward technically when it came to Official Match Balls. With the Telstar Mechta, we have taken that same innovative design and re-imagined it, creating a ball that perfectly suits the pressures and opportunities of the FIFA World Cup knock-out stage.” Dean Lokes, VP Product from Adidas, said.

Teams to play with this ball on Saturday.The Knockout will be played in the 21st FIFA World Cup this week. This season's final match will be played on July 14.

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