FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 : Congratulations Team Belgium for quarterfinal
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FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 : Congratulations Team Belgium for quarterfinal


A huge thanks to the of midfielder Nasir Chadli's injury time who did the goal (94th minute), Belgium defeated Japan 3-2 in the FIFA World Cup super exciting Pre-quarterfinal match played last night and dropped out of the tournament. Apart from Chadli, Jeevan Vortongan (69th minute) and Marwan Felani (74th) got the goal for Belgium. Japan's Ganki Harguchi (48th minute) and Takashi Inui (52nd) scored goals for Japan.

The match played in Rostov Arena, Japan made amazing start to maintain everyone's expectation and within the first minute, midfielder Shinji Kagawa tried to score a goal from outside the Belgian box but he could not make the goal. Belgian quickly tried to overcome this initial shock and they got successful to achieve the ball . In the 10th minute, Dreit Mertes got the ball near the box, although he could not put the ball in the goal.

Japan made 2-0 lead

In the 25th minute of the match, Mertes passed the right-hander Straiker Romelu Lukaku to the box. Japan's defenders could not make Luqaku and Belgium start up early in the box. Three minutes later, Belgian veteran Vincent Kompany was given the pass by Kevin de Bruyn in the box, but he failed to score goals with the header.

Japan made an unexpected start of the second half and in the 48th minute, Gaku Shibasaki took the ball from Belgium's player in his half and gave the ball to Hanley Gucci. Hargachi ran a fantastic race with the ball and scored a 1-0 goal from the right edge of the box to give his team a 1-0 lead.

Four minutes later, midfielder Takashi Inui rescued the outside of Belgium's box and scored the second goal of the match, raising the opponent team defender and star goalkeeper Thibot Cartua.

Belgium reverses in last round

Belgium, who missed the first two goals in the tournament, did not lose their patience and played well. Belgium got a corner in the 69th minute and Vertogan made the first goal of the match for his team.

After diminish the lead of two goals, Belgium raise their confidence, and in the 74th minute, star forward Eden Hazard, who played with Chelsea, gave the best cross from the right edge, with Maron Felani making the same goal with the header.

In the last 10 minutes of the match, the two teams got many opportunities to score goals. In the 94th minute Japan got a corner on which Belgium took a sharp counter attack and Nasser Chadli gave victory to his team by making a crucial goal of the match. Belgium will compete in the quarterfinals on Friday with Brazil.

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