FIFA World Cup 2018 : Croatia Defeated Denmark By 3-2 With The Help Of Penalty Shootouts
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FIFA World Cup 2018 : Croatia Defeated Denmark By 3-2 With The Help Of Penalty Shootouts


New Delhi. The 20th ranked Croatian team entered the FIFA World Cup quarter-finals after 20 years. On Sunday, Croatia beat Denmark by 3-2 in penalty shootout in the pre-quarterfinals. Earlier, Croatia's team reached the semifinals in the 1998 World Cup. The match was on equal score of 1-1 in the main game time of 90 minutes. And in additional time penalty shootouts took place.

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Now Croatia will face Russia in the quarter-finals. The performance of both the teams was good in their group stage matches. While Denmark played one win and two match draws at the group stage, the Croatian team made victories in three consecutive matches . However, both teams were more defensive than being offensive in this match. In the fixed time the score was 1-1. The result of the match was not found. After this Denmark got corners in extra time, but the goals were not even here. But in 114 minutes, Modric gave the ball to Rebeck but the goalkeepers came out and Yorgeson reebank was tackled, due to which Croatia got penalties.

Penalty shootout was adopted when there was not any result in the actual game time. Denmark's Christian Erikson came on penalties, but the goalkeeper spoiled his shot by Subascic. This was followed by Milan's Bedlis of Croatia, but he was not able to score any goals. After that Simon of Denmark scored the goal, then Andreas Karamic of Croatia scored the score. Then Mitchell Crawn made it to Denmark, but Captain Modric then equalized the score. After this, one shot was damaged by Denmark and Croatia. But, giving Denmark the last chance to win the match by spoiling Nicolai's penalties. After this, Ivan Rachetik took advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and put the ball on the right side of the goal post to make Croatia win.

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The match started well for Denmark and managed to score a goal in the first minute. Daley threw the ball in D and Yogeshon hit the ball with his left foot and the ball hit the goalkeeper and entered the lattice. With this, Denmark made the fastest goal in the World Cup for the first time.

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