FIFA World Cup 2018 : England Defeated Colombia By 4-3 In Penalty Shootout’s
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FIFA World Cup 2018 : England Defeated Colombia By 4-3 In Penalty Shootout’s


England defeated Colombia by 4-3 in penalty shootouts on Tuesday. At the end of main game time of 90 minutes the scores of both the teams was on level i.e 1-1. After this penalty shootouts took place and England defeated Colombia by 4-3 in the penalty shootout’s at Spartak Arena and qualified for the quarter-finals.

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Now the English team will face Sweden in the last-eight. England has made it to the quarter-finals after 12 years. Earlier it reached finals in 2006. In the shootout, Captain Falcano, Juan Cardo and Luis Murril scored for Colombia, while Kane, Rushford, Triper and Eric Dyer scored for England. England had a good chance to open an account at the start of the match, but its captain, Harry Kane did not get the cash. In the 16th minute Tripper gave Ken closer to the goal post but Ken could not control the header and the ball went upstairs. In the 39th minute, the Colombian player dropped him in the face of tackling Kane, after which the English team got a free kick.

During this time, there was a knockout between the players of the two teams, so that the referee quieted the matter, but the Colombian player Willmer Barrios was shown yellow card due to the argument with the referee, due to which he will not be able to play in the next match. Kieron Tripper took a free kick in the 42nd minute but on his shot the ball went on the right side of the goal post taking the curve. In the pre-quarterfinals of the World Cup, so far most teams have played defending their goal posts in the first half and it was also seen in first half of England vs Colombia match also. There was no goal at the end of first half.

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In the 54th minute, England got a corner kick but during the corner kick, Colombian player Carlos Sanchez, who was dropped in the penalty area in the run-up to prevent Ken, after which the English team got a penalty. In the 57th minute, Ken came to take penalties and he easily reached the ball and opened the team's account. With this, Ken has scored six goals in his three World Cup matches and he is in the race for the Golden Boot. The result of the match changed in Injury Time and Columbia got a corner kick. The English goalkeeper and defender were standing on the circular post to defend the fort, but Mina hit a spectacular header and put the match in extra time. There was no goal in extra time, and the match resulted from the penalty shootout.

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