Finally Mahi revealed why did he take less Phone Calls
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Finally Mahi revealed why did he take less Phone Calls


A few days ago, former captain of Indian Cricket Team M.S Dhoni was in discussion for taking retirement from Cricket and then he became a topic of discussion because he has made versatile record in higher tax payer of 2017 and 2018. He is the only man who has earned many records in almost every feild. Recently he also met BJP President Amit Shah. Now It seems that former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has decided to reveal many secrets related to his life .

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Everday he give a new discolser related to his life .Now MS Dhoni has disclose another secret and told that why he attend few Phone calls. It is said about Mahi that he never answers on calls .

'World's best Finisher' told that he does not use the phone much and believes that it should be used properly. He acknowledged that he has a bigger division in more technology. Apart from this, there are many stories when they did not take the phone properly.

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In a conversation with news , Mahi said that, "I and technology, there is a bigger division between us. I do not use the phone much and there are many stories that I did not answer on the phone. But I use technology. When I show some videos, you might think that I have made it right or not. Technology should be used in right way. '

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