Food, fertiliser, urea, petroleum subsidies touch 51% of BE

New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) Major subsidies on food, fertilisers, urea and petroleum have totalled Rs 1.51 lakh crore as on June-end 2019, touching 51 per cent of the Budget Estimates, up from 44 per cent during same period of the last fiscal.

The Controller General of Accounts' (CGA) June figures show the actuals on these heads up to June end 2019 totalled Rs 1,51,824.24 crore on the Budget Estimates (BE) of Rs 2,96,684 crore. On a Corresponding Period of the Previous Year (COPPY) basis, the amount was Rs 1,16,820.17 crore (44 per cent) of the BE, whereas the current figures are 51 per cent of the BE.

Quite expectedly, the food subsidy as on June-end grabbed a major chunk at Rs 94,406.16 crore, as against the the BE of Rs 1,84,220 crore (51 per cent). On a COPPY basis, it was Rs 88,266.74 crore (52 per cent of the BE of last fiscal).

Nutrient-based fertilisers subsidy touched Rs 9,606.18 crore (39 per cent of BE) as on June-end which was Rs 8,238.34 crore in the same period of last fiscal (33 per cent). The BE for the current fiscal for this subsidy is Rs 24,832 crore.

The Urea subsidy as on June-end at Rs 19,482.99 crore has galloped to 39 per cent of the BE of Rs 50,154 crore. The same was Rs 8,590.96 crore in the same period of last fiscal (19 per cent).

The petroleum subsidy was Rs 28,328.91 crore for the period in consideration which was 76 per cent of the BE of Rs 37,478 crore, while on a COPPY basis this was Rs 11,724.13 crore amounting to just 47 per cent.

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