Garlic intake proves beneficial for health: know here
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Garlic intake proves beneficial for health: know here


Garlic does not only enhance the taste of food but also prove very beneficial for your health and it is the food item that you will find easily in the kitchen. It contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, salts and phosphorus, iron and vitamin A, B and C in abundance. So today, we are going you tell you about the benefits of Garlic...

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Garlic proves beneficial in preventing infections like fungus, yeast and worm.

If your ears are panning, then heat the oil of Garlic and 2 drops of oil two times. Do these for 5 days. You will get huge relief Germanium, selenium and sulfur in the garlic are able to eliminate the bacteria that cause pain.

To prepare garlic oil, rinse 3 buds of garlic and mix in half cup olive oil and cook for 2 minutes on low flame. Peel and keep in the fridge for 2 weeks before lightening.

With Garlic intake you will get rid of Cold. Antibacterial properties also relieve the pain of the throat.

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If you are gaining fat, then roast two buds of garlic well, and then add cumin seeds and salt in it to make the powder. Eat it daily in empty stomach with warm water. You will find major difference

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