Goa's iconic riverboat casinos remain shut as people flock to online casinos

One of the iconic tourist attractions for Goa is the casinos based in the state. Most of the casinos are located on riverboats and some are based in hotels in the cities.

In India, gambling is a state subject and the legality of casinos depends on the laws of the state. Goa, along with just two states in the entire country, have laws that permit casinos to function within the boundaries of the state as long as they follow a few regulations.

Due to the easy-going nature of Goa, the casinos were hugely successful and regularly drew tons of tourists into the state. However, due to the coronavirus, the casinos had to close down too and it is still unclear when they can reopen.

Indian and Gambling - offline and online

People from all over the country visit Goa just to experience the physical casinos. Since gambling is prohibited in most parts of the country, Goa had become the mecca for casino lovers in the country.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, inter-state travel was not possible and the state of Goa was particularly bad at handling the situation. Currently, the state is gradually opening its borders and entertainment venues like bars but not casinos.

On the other side, India is considered by many to be one of the leading online gambling markets today. While the market is unregulated, the laws do allow international online casinos such as Royal Panda to market their services to Indians as long as they accept Indian Rupee as a currency.

This has led to huge competition for the lucrative Indian market. In fact, there are comparison sites that rate online casinos in India so players can experience the best deals and not get scammed.

During the lockdown, most online casino sites received a huge surge in traffic. Since people could not go to Goa anymore, they instead decided to bring the casino to their home via laptops or phones.

The future for riverboat casinos in Goa

It is natural that, as it is with everything, the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass and things will return to normal. The riverboat casinos will indeed open up again yet we’re still to see the economic damages that the pandemic made them suffer.

The online market is still booming with new players signing up everyday. While the majority of opinion seems to be that online sites have become really good and can actually simulate the experience of being in a casino, some people might argue that it still cannot defeat the experience of being in a real casino especially in India.

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