Google Assistant to send reminders to family, friends

San Francisco, Aug 16 (IANS) Google is adding a new feature to its Assistant that lets people send reminders to their friends and family on phones or Google Home devices.

The feature is designed mostly for families and it would function via the Family Group feature so that the parents can send reminders to their children or spouse and the reminder will pop up on the mobile phone or Google Assistant-powered Smart Display, The Verge reported on Thursday.

For children under 13 to use assignable reminders, they must be granted access to the Assistant on Google Home by adults in the household and all users could block someone from sending them Assignable Reminders.

In addition, users can also create a reminder for anyone who has their account linked to the same smart display or speaker.

The new update would soon roll out in English in the US, the UK along with Australia and the feature would also be available on the Google Nest Hub Max when it becomes available next month.



Source : ians

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