Google's big announcement, will Shut-down its popular app ‘Allo’

Tech Desk| The world's largest tech company Google is shutting down its messenger app Allo. It was launched by the company in September 2016. But it didn’t achieve as much as the company expected and now it has been decided to close this app.

Google has said in the blog post, 'Allo will run till March 2019 and then shut down. You will be able to export your old conversations and existing chats from this app.

Google has said that it has learned a lot from Allo, especially inclusion in machine learning based features and Google Assistant in the messaging app.

In April this year, the company had stopped investing in Allo and its workforce was transferred to another project. Not only this, the company had shifted the resources of the project into the Android Message team. The company had given some features in the middle center, but still failed to take a hit with WhatsApp and Messenger.

Reason of Allo Fail

In the beginning it was disappointing for people not to have end-to-end encryption.

Google did not even offer video calling features in it. On the other hand, these features were in apps like Whatsapp.

The lack of calling feature is also the reason of its failure. Because the calling feature of Whatsapp is quite popular and people use it as much as possible.

Snowden also told Allo a dangerous app

The file sharing feature is also lacking. You could send photos, locations, and stickers to this app, but the documents were not sharing. Whatsapp and telegram redeemed it and left behind Allo.

The specialty of Whatsapp is its Simplicity. But Allo was a bit tricky compared to it. Having too many options, more features can be difficult sometimes. Whatsapp has a strategy that it slowly gives updates and features. If you remember, initially there was the only option of chatting.

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