Happy Birthday kailash Kher: left home at the age of 14 and tries to commit Suicide
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Happy Birthday kailash Kher: left home at the age of 14 and tries to commit Suicide


Kailash Kher is a well known singer of todays time. From Playback Singing to his music concert, he has earned a lot of fame. Kailash Kher was born on July 7, 1973. He turns to 45 today. Nobody knows the long struggle behind his success. At a time he had come into such depression and decided to end his life.

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Kailash Kher had a business in Delhi before becoming a singer. He left his Meerut house at the age of 14. After this he did many odd jobs. He went to Rishikesh to also to learn astrology and rituals. After this he did his own business.

When he did not get success in all the jobs, he had come to the depression. One day he jumped into the river, but his friends saved his life

Kailash Kher was once said interview that after get a huge loss in business and to city of dreams (Mumbai) coincidently became me a singer. Kailash said, 'Before singing I was doing business. There was a time when everything was getting worse with me and I had nothing left. I wanted to commit suicide. '

He said, 'Whatever I have achieved in today, a friend of mine and God helped me in Mumbai. For this reason my song 'Allah ke Vande' was possible and after that my whole life changed. After so many reversals in life, I had never thought that I would be able to spend a good life again.

When the business get down Kailash started giving music tuition to the children. Kailash Kher came to Mumbai after studying in Delhi University in 2001. There was an amazing passion for music in Kailash, who struggled with empty pockets and wearing slippers. One day he met music composer Ram Sampath.He gave Kailash a chance to sing some radio jingles and then say that talent has feet, he only searches for his destination.

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There is a band of Kailash Kher too, 'Kailasa' Under his banner, Till now he has release four albums Kailasa (2006), Jhoomo Ray (2007), Chandan (2009) and Rangile (2012). Mumbai's musicians Bhai Naresh and Paresh Kamat are also with Kailash in this band. Both of them were previously associated with 'Bombay Black' band. Recently Kailash Kher released his new song Bhole Chale. This song has been made from 'Kailasa Studios'.

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