Healthians to Launch Operations in 300 Cities; To Add 200 Labs and 3000 Phlebotomists

Indias leading healthcare screening brand Healthians today announced its plans to invest substantially in expanding operations pan India to serve over 300 cities by 2021. Healthians is currently operating in over 35 cities including Delhi Mumbai Bangalore and Hyderabad. So far the start-up has provided health check-ups to more than 750000 households and is now on its way to serve 50 cities in the next two months and 300 cities by 2021. The company is also planning to add 200 labs and 3000 on field phlebotomists by 2021.

Healthians aiming to serve as a national brand

India has more than 1 Lakh+ labsout of which more than 90000 are operating at only 20-25% of their current capacity. Healthians is planning to improve these local path labs by building a centralised technology standardisation team to acquire labs or manage labs on its own. By acquiring local path labs and bringing them up to their quality and standard the company can save the investment of building new labs. The saved investment will help in establishing more labs.

Speaking on their future plans Deepak Sahni CEO Founder of Healthians saidWe have observed unprecedented growth within the healthcare sector and are ambitious to serve as a national brand within the next few months. By 2022 Healthians will be a household name in 300 cities in the country serving the masses with preventive and curative healthcare screening. The optimism is gained from the success we have achieved in the last two years and our growing user base they are our evangelists that are helping us make India a healthier nation.

Healthians operates and manages a network of 16+ labs over 650 phlebotomists and has been able to create personalized health profiles of over 7.5L customers to offer them insights into their historic health data and predictive health trends. The AI and algorithms that run over these profiles help users in monitoring and improving their lifestyle conditions using Healthians value-added services.

Founded in 2015 by Deepak Sahni Healthians is the largest at-home diagnostic service in India that has disrupted the traditional B2B diagnostic model by creating direct to consumer approach. The company aims to be the largest player in preventive and chronic health test services by offering better convenient affordable faster and reliable healthcare services.

Healthians has raised over 120 crores in multiple rounds of funding from investors including cricketer Yuvraj Singh YouWeCan Venture Japan-based DG Incubation and DG Daiwa Ventures Kotak PE Trifecta Tokio Marine and Singapore-based fund Mistletoe.

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