Himesh Reshammiya gave  the Fee in Lakhs to Ranu Mandal as the first song fee, read the full news

Ranu Mandal, who once sat in a corner of the railway station and sang songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, is no less than a star on the strength of her talent today. Himesh Reshammiya has given her a chance to sing for his upcoming film 'Teri Meri Kahani', with which Ranu Mandal has stepped into the Bollywood world. Himesh Reshammiya has also recorded this song.

When Himesh shared the video of this recording, there was a sensation in the internet world overnight. Everyone is going crazy to hear the voice of Ranu Mandal. Meanwhile, speculations were started about how much fees Ranu Mandal got for this song. Everyone is desperate to know this. It is being told that Ranu Mandal has received a good fee amount for this song.

Although there is no official announcement of how much Himesh Reshammiya gave her for this song, media reports are claiming that Himesh gave Ranu Mandal a fee of 6 to 7 lakhs for this song. | You will be surprised to know that Ranu Mandal refused to take the fee for her debut. But Himesh forcefully gave this money and said that no one can stop you from becoming a superstar.

Let us tell you that Ranu Mandal used to fill her stomach by singing a song at Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal. In an interview, she told that after listening to the song, someone used to give her biscuits or some money or any food item that she used to live by. The biggest benefit of Ranu song got the video viral on social media was that she got her daughter back after 10 years. According to the news, her daughter said that due to the viral of this song, she has been able to meet her here while searching for her mother. Anyone who once listens to the song sung by Ranu would not stop himself becoming the fan of the voice of Ranu Mandal.

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