How to Get a Job in a Tech Company with No Background

Being on the path of job-searching can be a real struggle for aspirants with no background. Similarly, looking for employment is tough for recent graduates because most employers require at least one or two years of experience in the field.

However, it is not impossible to get a job if you lack experience, as there are many ways you can still get hired. The tech industry is evolving fast and new standards are being set day by day. Remember that we are in the age where education is the currency, therefore, hard skills can be the extra factor that helps you land a job. 

If you desire a role in the tech industry, here is a short guide you can follow in order to get hired, even if you have zero industry experience.

Enroll in Recognized Tech Bootcamps

Tech bootcamps have become very popular lately especially because they produce job-ready talents in a short amount of time. Major companies all over the world are starting to acknowledge that this is how coding bootcamps help fill in the gaps in the industry. 

In effect, these companies look to develop relationships with bootcamps by becoming their hiring partners. This is a win-win situation because it guarantees job placement for bootcamp graduates and companies will also have a chance at hiring a skilled workforce that can help them stand out above others. 

An excellent example of an educational organization with a great hiring partner is General Assembly. With over 25 campuses all over the world, the school is highly recognized for its web development, data science, product management, and other tech programs. Today, its hiring partners include large-sized companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others.

With General Assembly, you will not only have the opportunity to get hired without any experience but you will also be able to embark on a path of true professional fulfillment. The school provides its students with a career support team that helps them throughout their programs. As a result, students will receive the best service on every level.

Learn In-Demand Tech Skills

Employers are desperately looking for candidates with tech skills that allow them to bring their ideas to life. After the coronavirus outbreak, the tech revolution accelerated its pace. For this reason, companies are relying on tech talents to keep businesses afloat. Tech talents are in-demand in today’s job market. 

As a result, learning in-demand tech skills have become a must if you're going to apply for a tech job. For example, the lack of knowledge on how to use Python might take you out of the competition if you are trying to apply for a job as a software engineer. With this in mind, other programming languages are also widely used and are sought after these days. An excellent example would be JavaScript, as it allows web developers to build visually appealing and interactive websites that are able to engage customers.

On the other hand, picking up an in-demand tech skill without earning a diploma can be a barrier. It is because employers prefer to hire candidates with a degree, certificate, or diploma than those without. For this reason, you can join Thinkful's coding bootcamp to earn that valuable certificate. 

The school offers several courses where you will learn in-demand skills like HTML, CSS, React, Python, and others. It also provides financing options for those who are facing financial constraints. With Thinkful, you can decide between part-time and full-time programs, depending on your availability. Thinkful will be able to equip you with the tools you need to land a qualifying tech job without experience. 

Build a Portfolio

For tech talents, building a portfolio is essential as they can use it to show their capabilities. When you are looking for a job, showing how proficient you are is vital to impress employers. With this in mind, web developers, mobile developers, and other tech professionals require a portfolio to provide insight into their talents. Some web developers even have websites where they sell portfolio templates to those who are interested to buy them. However, if you don't have personal projects to start a portfolio with, you can join Flatiron School. 

At Flatiron School, students have the chance to build enterprise-level skills during any chosen program. In effect, they will not only be able to develop technical skills but also will be able to amass various projects that make up an impressive portfolio. On top of that, they will receive help from tech professionals who are part of the Flatiron School's career support team. 



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