I want to revive the lost feeling of humanity through my music: Pruthvi Parikh

Pruthvi Parikh is a name known to every millennial in Gujarat. He is known for his toe tapping Garba music tracks like ‘Dudhe Te Bhari Talavadi’, ‘Maniyaro’, and many Bollywood hit covers. He recently released his first Hindi single titled 'Sardi Ki Subah' which is a sweet melody celebrating the season of love. 

In an exclusive interview with us over coffee, Pruthvi speaks about his journey with music and reveals a few facts about him unknown to many.

What inspired you to make music your career?

It was during my mechanical engineering years; I was a part-time dance choreographer as well. I used to sing as well but not professionally, it was mostly casual singing. It so happened that I participated in one of the local talent shows which I ended up winning. I started realizing pursuing mechanical engineering doesn't give me the satisfaction that I receive when I sing. Music was something that just made me feel whole and complete in every way. That's when I started changing my focus more on music. As an artist, I believe it's better to pursue something that gives your heart satisfaction rather than something that doesn't bring you joy and satisfaction. 

Who is your main source of inspiration in music?

I believe that as an artist -  my main source of inspiration is my audience. There is no greater source of inspiration than your audience enjoying your art. For example, as a musician, if my audience is singing along and dancing to beats of my song, it's a source of motivation that helps me better myself in the field of music. As for me, I feel really lucky that I have an audience who love me and my music and supports me in every way. 

If you didn't become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

I have been associated with several forms of art. Honestly, this question took me to a flashback. When I was in the tenth standard, I used to play cricket for a private club in the 'under 16' category back then I wanted to become a cricketer. Later I started choreographing and dancing. That's when I felt that maybe dance is a better career option for me. The only thing constant all through this time was music. As for me, music is my only career option as music is my inner peace. I'm not sure if not music then what I would have done. 

Tell us the story behind the conception of your new single 'Sardi Ki Subah'?

This song was originally a composition for a pre-wedding photoshoot. It was my friend's videography team who was shooting a client's pre-wedding shoot and they wanted a fresh composition from me for the same. It took me only 10 mins to get this done but by the time I had finished the final composition I was in love with the song and decided that I would want to make a music video on my fresh composition. So, we made a deal that instead of paying me for my composition the team would invest in my music recording. And that's how 'Sardi Ki' Subah' was conceived. The whole concept of the song has a chill vibe to it and no matter how bad your mood is I feel this song can turn your mood around as reggae music is always known for its relaxing and chill vibe.  

Which do you feel is the best song you've ever released and why?

 This is the easiest question; it's always gonna be 'Sardi Ki Subah' as the song is my first original composition. This song is very close to my heart and means a lot to me. Previously, I've sung Bollywood covers of other composers whereas 'Sardi Ki Subah' is written, composed and sung by me. So, no doubt 'Sardi Ki Subah' is the best song I've released. 

Throughout your journey in music, how have you evolved as an artist?

As an artist my mind has evolved a lot through music. Initially, I used to listen to more Bollywood music and later I came across some of the best music bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, and artists like Steven Wilson and many more. I also came into contact with many different genres of music. Hence, I decided to create a romantic song in the reggae genre of music. Unlike other Bollywood love songs 'Sardi Ki Subah' is more of a fresh vibe where even the music compliments what the lyrics say.  

Was your family supportive of your decision to make music your career? 

I think this is a problem with every new artist. Initially, my family was a little apprehensive of my career in music. They wanted me to focus more on completing my engineering and keep music as a hobby. But they slowly realized that I was getting independent as I had stopped taking financial support from them and started earning through the gig at which I kept performing. As of today, they support my career decision and encourage me to keep moving ahead. 

Who has been your pillar of support through your musical journey? 

My family has always supported me and encouraged me in everything I have done. Everyone at my place gets excited about every new song I release. Secondly, and most importantly my strongest pillar of support is my audience. They have always shown me their love by supporting me with every single song that I have released whether a Bollywood cover, a Garba mix or my new single my audience has always been appreciative of my work as an artist. 

What social causes do you as artist support and do you think it’s important for an artist to talk about certain causes?

As an artist, my main cause is to revive the feeling of humanity among everyone. In fact, I believe that this should be the cause every human should fight for. As a human being, it really troubles me about the hatred that exists within society today.  You can witness this in the constant power struggle that is going on among every second person in society. My aim is to revive humaneness and spread love through my music. I have made an ep of 5 songs on the different stages in a person's life which I will be releasing sometime later in the future. I believe that we are all born to live and help our fellow beings. And the more you help the more help you'll receive. It all in the circle of life, what you sow, you shall reap. 

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

This question makes me feel like I'm sitting for a job interview. Honestly, an artist's life is very different. It's like one night you're a nobody and you wake up to be famous or if your famous one night and the next you're a nobody. It's a tough life with a lot of work to do. But as long as you do it with your heart it's a smooth sailing ship. It simply means practice your art with your heart. So honestly, I can't really say where I will be 5 years from now. But I know for sure that wherever I am my music will be with me. 

What is the message you would like to give our readers?

My only message to all reading this article is to keep spreading love, help everyone who needs your help work and keep supporting me like y'all always do.  

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