Indian couple dies due to falling from the height of 800 feet in California National Park

An Indian-origin coupler dies after falling from a height of 800 feet in Yosemite National Park in California. The body found under the Taft Point the famous tourist spot in park. Vishnu Viswanath (29) and his wife Meenakshi Murthy (30) lived in San Francisco. Vishnu was a system engineer in Cisco Company in San Jose.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle - the body of Vishnu and Meenakshi was identified on Monday. Tourists saw the bodies and informed the Police.

Both had a passion for adventure travel. Vishnu used to write in the Blog 'Holiday and 'Happilyeverafter'

According to National Park spokesman Jamie Richards - "we still don't know why they fell. What happened at that time, we are trying to find out. Whatever happened, it is tragic.

Investigators are investigating how the couple dropped or what happened, due to which the accident occurred. Tourist from around the world visiting the Yosemite National Park takes photographs on the Taft Point to make the spot memorable.

There is a deep ditch beneath the Taft Point, so to overcome the body of Vishnu and Meenakshi, Park Rangers had to make a lot of efforts. A helicopter of California Highway Patrolling was imposed for it.

Vishnu and Meenakshi were married in 2014. Both were software engineers. Couple was fond of adventure. Vishnu made a cover photo on Facebook's top photo of Colorado's Grand Kenyan.

Many people expressed anguish over the death of couple.

College of Engineering, Chegnur (Kerala) wrote on Facebook post that Vishnu and Meenakshi had a computer science degree in 2006-10. We have our sympathies with their family

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