Indira Gandhi considered herself 'ugly' and stupid!

Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India, was considered to be a tough woman and adamant on her decision. Nobody knew better how to implement any decision. She will be immortal forever in history. Today we are going to tell about a personal story related to the life of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi considered herself ugly. Yes you heard it right Pupul Jayakar, a close friend of Indira Gandhi, wrote her biography with the help of Indira. It is reported that Indira considered herself ugly at the age of 13. When Indira was quite young, her childhood atmosphere was not good. 'At the age of 6, Indira used to understand her mother's frustration and if anyone said anything to her mother, she would speak in favour of her mother. Bibi Amma and Aunty Vijayalakshmi always used to give 'cheap taunts' to her mother. She argued with her mother in favour of her grandmother, great-grandmother, grandfather and father. But later Indira realizes that no one listens to her nor argues. Amidst all these things, Indira learned to keep her emotions to herself and to keep quiet. She did not mention her words to anyone. Those days of Indira were very sad. Vijayalakshmi i.e. her aunt often called her ugly and stupid. Indira overheard this matter. For a 13-year-old girl, all this was going to break her inside. Nobody even opposed his aunt's comments. Indira felt that her aunt was right and she considered herself ugly. All these things had severely damaged Indira's confidence. A playful mischievous girl became demure overnight. ' As Indira grew, she began to cut off from the whole world and live alone. Indira's nature became such that she often kept quiet. Pupul writes that Indira never forgave Bua for poisonous words. Indira wore white loose-fitting kurtas and these words killed her youth. Even a fortnight before his death, those words were fresh in his mind.

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