Kargil War 1999 : heroes who sacrifices their life for country
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Kargil War 1999 : heroes who sacrifices their life for country


The Kargil conflict between India and Pakistan took place between the month of May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir along the Line of Control (LOC). Do you know the heroes Ahmed Ali, Nayak Azad Singh, Sep Vijayendra Singh? If not than these three are the son of Bharat Maa who gave their life happily to win jang-e Kargil. When entire country was celebrating Kargil war by defeating Pakistan, then there was an atmosphere of mourning in their homes. There were tears in the eyes, but the heart was calm. Son sacrifices his life for the country.

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Even after 19 years ago today also when their family members them remembering his sons, they looses their patience, but by the way, they said proudly my son martyr in Kargil war .

Vijender gave the martyr on top-5685

Born in a farmer family of Daulatabad village of Pataudi, Vijender was admitted to the Kumaon Regiment in March 1998. In the 13th Kumaun battalion, Vijender first participated in Operation Meghdoot and then Operation Vijay. Top number 5685 attacked to become free from Pakistani army. And then suddenly the enemy's bullet caught Vijender's chest and Veer Son taken last breath for the country that day. After Vijender's martyrdom, the Central Government gave a gasoline pump and compensation amount for his family.

Vijender's elder brother Rajendra told that Chacha went to the army taking inspiration from Hatiram. His biggest dream was to do counrty service . Rajendra also wants to send his children to the army. Father Jagamal Singh says when the war was going on, sister Lakshmi marriage was at that time but he could not come. One day suddenl they got news of their son's martyr that was the day when mountain was broken on the family. But the son gave his martyrdom for the country.

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21 The infamation was killed by this hero

Nayak Azad Singh, of Mumtazpur in Pataudi area, was holding a battle in Kargil war. During the war, 4730 were stationed on the Mushkoh Valley. Then Pakistani infiltrators attacked. In retaliation they killed 21 Pakistani infiltrators, but after one bullet, one bullet ripped off their chest. He received Martyr on 09 July 1999. After the war, compensation and gasoline pumps were given, but there were still some announcements on their names.

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