Know how to check validity or ballance on Jio phone

A large number of Jio phones are used by people throughout the country. Since the entry of Jio Phone in the market, the number of people using the feature phones is large. Along with this, the company has become the largest selling phone company in the market. But many people who use the Jio Phone are troubled by the fact that how to check the validity of the plan in the phone or the balance of the Jio Phone. So let us tell you how can you check the balance of the phone.

To know the validity of Jio Phone, users will first have to go to My Jio app. Users will get all information related to their plan as soon as they go to My Jio app. In order to open My Jio app, users must press the first button on the right side of the Jio phone where users will see My Jio app.

Users will see a menu option in My Jio App, on which the users get information about plans, usages, recharge etc. On click of the plan, users get information about their plans, validity etc. Apart from this, users can also get information on the plan by calling 1299.

On 1299, users will receive a message from Jio. In which the Jio user will be fully aware of the plan. Such as plan, data available in the plan, expire date etc. In this way, you can get information about the validity of the number of users, plans etc. Significantly, Jio has launched Jio Rail App in the beginning of this week, with the help of which users can book tickets through IRCTC.

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