‘Lamhe’: Moments to Cherish

This lockdown has left us with a lot of time on hands and we often wonder what to do. Well, I came across a real exciting piece of art while browsing through content on YouTube last night. Lamhe is a short film directed by the ever-talented Khushi Kothari. Lamhe revolves around a young couple who live in the heart of Mumbai City and eventually find each other. They fall in love and grow extremely fond of the other. But fate has its twist when they both get accepted to Universities in completely different parts of the globe. Their respective career choices create a rift between them and eventually, the couple who couldn't spend a moment without the other are now poles apart. They are now reminiscing these moments wondering what went wrong or was it just puppy love?

The use of poetry in place of regular dialogues gives this short film a contemporary touch. One notices that the change in lighting and the use of filters is what enhances the character's emotions in every scene. Khushi has very artistically used the camera to her advantage thus bringing the film to life altogether. The aesthetics of the film is something that sets it apart. My personal favorite is the ending which leaves the audience with a question, ‘Is she going after him or chasing her career?’ According to me, there would not have been anyone more suitable that the talented Aaryan Deshpande and Saundarya Goyal to play the character roles. Both the actors contribute in their way in making this short film a huge success. I would personally give the film a 4.5 of 5 stars.

If you still haven't watched Lamhe you're missing on some real work of art. So, go watch it now on Khushi’s YouTube Channel or refer to the link below.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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