Landslide after monsoon Rain, 4 Died in Arunachal pradesh
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Landslide after monsoon Rain, 4 Died in Arunachal pradesh


New Delhi. Monsoon has arrived in the country two weeks before the scheduled time, Rains lashed several parts of the country triggering landslides in some hill states and 4 Indian soldiers died at Tibetan Border Police in Arunachal Pradesh by landslides. Amarnath Yatra has also been affected in Jammu and Kashmir. Officials said that the humidity reached 90 percent in the evening after the rain in the national capital. Temperature Decreased by 1 degree.

Evening showers in the Delhi caused the humidity level to shoot up to 90 per cent. The monsoon winds blew away the dust from Delhi air and delhiites were able to take fresh air. Today the Air Quality Index (AUI) is satisfactory 83. It is worth mentioning that between 0-50 AQI is considered 'good', 51-100 'satisfactory ', 101-200 to 'Moderate', 201-300 'bad', 301-400 'very bad' and 401- 500 is considered 'serious'..

The Central Pollution Control Board official said that the last time Delhi residents got such a clean air in August last year. Meanwhile, the monsoon has arrived the entire country 17 days prior to the scheduled time. Monsoon has arrived the last boundary of the country Sriganganagar, located in western Rajasthan .

The monsoon in Sriganganagar was generally arrived on 15th July. Additional director general of the Meteorological Department, Mrityunjay Mahapatra said that the monsoon has covered the whole country today .As a result of landslides due to heavy rains on the Basar-Akasan route in the Lower Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, a large rock was broken due to land slide and Four soldiers died when rock rolled down and hit the police vehicle.

Police sources told that the incident took place at late night around 2.50 pm, about five kilometers away from Likabali, the district headquarters of Lower Siang when the soldiers of the Indian Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) were going to Lower Siang from Basar in western Siang district.

Manali-Leh national highway-cManali-Leh National Highway-3 was blocked due to landslides following by heavy rain in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. An official said that efforts are being made to clean the highway. There are reports of landslides due to heavy rains last night in Madhi. However, the district administration came to know about landslide this morning when some tourists informed them about the road blocking.

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