Lemon juice is very beneficial for us, know how!!
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Lemon juice is very beneficial for us, know how!!


We often drink lemonade in the summer season but are not fully aware of its benefits. Lemon is beneficial for many types of physical problems. You must have to use lemon in the right way..

Citric acid is found in lemon, which prevents from having kidney in stones. If you consume lemonade daily, you will never suffered with the problem of stones.

People have often seen drinking lemon drops in lukewarm water. Actually there is also a scientific reason. This improves digestive system of the person. The food quickly digested and the person remains fit.

Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon. This increases your body's immune system. Those who drink lemonade daily have very little complaints about cold fever.

If you have a bad smell, then drink a glass of lemonade. This will stop the smell of your mouth .

The lemon keeps your metabolism right. Apart from this fiber is also found in it. Lemonade also helps in weight loss.

Keep in mind these things- always use fresh lemons. Lemonade can be used with both warm and cold water.

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