Mahabharat connection of CORONA, When Krishna gave the solution

Covid-19 Corona virus has shaken the world. Total number of cases has crossed 5 lakhs. This is becoming more dangerous day by day. The problem is, it is spreading so fast, although people are following all the good practices to safeguard themselves. There is no cure found for this monster till now.

Social distancing is a new trending keyword these days which is very effective to fight with this lethal coronavirus. People have become helpless and they can not do anything except stay calm & sit at home.

Actually we can very well connect the current situation which happened thousands of years ago in Mahabharat.

Ashwatthama was a brave warrior and was blessed to be immortal. He was a very important character in Mahabharat.

As per the mythological story, During kauravas & Pandavas war when guru Drona was killed by pandavas then his son Ashwatthama became very angry. He was so angry that he used one of the most terrible weapons "Narayana Astra" on the Pandava army.

Narayana Astra was a deadly weapon so when the weapon is invoked, It destroys the armed enemy so quickly. Whomsoever is in war mode, this weapon is more dangerous for them. Since this weapon belongs to Narayana & he is supreme so no one can fight with him.

But since Narayana (Krishna) himself was present there in the war from Pandavas side so he knew how to deal with this. Krishna asked the pandavas army to put their weapons down and surrender to Narayan Astra. Since this weapon only attacked the armed men so it passed undamaged.

So that’s the important part here. Lord Krishna already told the solution to deal in such situations. We can't have success in every battle. Sometimes we don't even have the suitable weapons to defend or attack. If the enemy is too deadly and there is no way to fight with that then better to keep silence for a while till the weapon's impact goes away. 

We have to apply the same rule in the current situation also. Corona virus has no cure and we can’t fight with this face to face so we have to choose to be silent for the time being. 

Stay calm at home for some time till the Corona Virus passes. We can fight with this by maintaining social distancing. Be at home & save others & yourself.

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