Make your hair shiny and colored within minutes with this beauty hack
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Make your hair shiny and colored within minutes with this beauty hack


People make use of mehandi for hands and hair. If there is any occasion at home, girls apply henna as it is considered very auspicious. To avoid grey hair problem, women use mehandi to color hair. Mehandi not only nourishes your hair but also reduces several hair problems and make it strong. We are telling you about the benefits of applying henna in hair, have a look:

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Reduces Dandruff

People take lot of hair treatment at parlour and use various shampoos for hair to get rid of hair issues but they never get benefit from it. In such a situation, henna can prove helpful to you. It is very effective in getting rid of dandruff. To apply henna, firstly soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and then grind them in mixer next day. Now, two or three spoons of mustard oil in a vessel, add some henna and half glass water to it. Boil this mixture. Add fenugreek paste in it and mix it well. Now, apply this mixture in hair. By applying this mixture for two to three times a month, your dandruff will go away.

Hair shines

Henna is considered very beneficial for hair as it makes hair strong and healthy. By applying henna two or three times a month, hairfall problem can easily be solved. By adding amla water to the mixture of henna, hair gets silky and black. It prevents hair from getting damaged.

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What to add in a mixture of henna?

To make mixture of henna, take hot water, add two spoonful amla powder, one teaspoon black tea and two cloves, add required Henna. Now, apply this mixture in the roots of your hair for half hour. You will see a change.

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